Meet Edward.

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

couples & weddding Photography




Born and raised in Colombia, Edward is the human form of the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t be fooled by his exceptional work ethic and stellar professionalism, this versatile photographer is also funny, warm, generous and always willing to give a helping hand.

He captured his very first image at the age of 16, with a homemade camera obscura (pinhole camera), fascinated by the concept and the magic, the rest is history! Edward is now settled in the beautiful city of Montreal, known for its tenacious weather and it’s incomparable diversity, where he splits his time between retouching images, expanding his photography knowledge by exploring, reading and teaching (film & photography) and of course, storytelling via images. Even if work doesn’t feel like work for him (they say love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life), Edward is ready and willing to capture your story through his lens!

Now sit back, grab a beverage, browse his portfolio (where you will also find some work for Ora Studio), get excited (but don’t spill your drink on your keyboard), shoot him a message, call him, or mail him a letter (if that’s how you roll), tell him your story, meet up, have coffee, and well, let the magic begin!

Portraits by Rithy @redgammah

Kind Words

“Thank you sooooooo much for these. These are breathtaking!!! truly love them so much! thank you for taking them and capturing us and sending them all along so quick. You have an amazing eye!!” LOVE, HOLLY + PHIL
“Merci Edward! Nous sentons que t’es vraiment passionné, toujours à la recherche des meilleurs angles et des meilleurs moments. Nous sommes admiratifs du travail effectué et espérons bientôt pouvoir renouveler cette expérience” CAMILA + ALEX
“We can't find the words to describe how happy we are about such pictures. It exceeded all our expectations! We're so admired and impressed. Thank u a lot, you captured the memories about one of the best days in our life!” ANASTASIA + LENNY
“Hi Edward, thank you for the amazing photos!! We loved them all. Can't wait for our wedding next week.” LEILANI + DARYL
Duuuuude!!! They’re dope AF! Thank you so much! We’re so happy!!!!! You rock!!!!! Lisa + Dan
You killed it man! Soooooooooooo good!!!! Thank you so much man, we love them!! Kim + Anthony